Media Press Kit

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The resources below are to assist you with your Nadeen Manuel booking and promotion. Feel free to download any items you need. Please let us know if you require additional materials or information.

Bio 1

Version 1 – Mainly used for Performance Art Theaters, Colleges and other entertainment venues.

Hypnosis An Emotional Journey with Nadeen

Over the past two decades Nadeen Manuel has hypnotized over a million people into an incredible hypnotic experience in over 30 countries around the world. This edgy family friendly event is the one people wait for all year. Nadeen’s interactive show is hilarious, fascinating and most of all will make you feel good! You will laugh and scream with joyful enchantment as you watch Nadeen hypnotize people in seconds into a deep trance, laughing harder than you have in years, and creating memories for life. Come see for yourself why they call Nadeen the Undisputed Queen of Hypnosis!


Bio 2

Version 2 – Mainly used for Speaking & Trainings events

Promotional Posters

Download Videos

Nadeen’s Intro video – Mainly used as she walks onto stage

Marquee Video

Nadeen’s Headshots